The Bumper 5 transaction was completed in April 2012 whereby GBP 837.7 million of lease receivables and associated residual value receivables originated by LeasePlan UK Ltd. (the “originator”) were sold to Bumper 5 Finance Plc, a bankruptcy remote limited liability company specially incorporated for the purpose of securitisation transaction under the laws of England and Wales.

The debt securities issued in April 2012 are divided into A1-notes (EUR 445.8 million), A2-notes (GBP 212.1 million), B-notes (GBP 46.1 million) and C-notes (GBP 209.5 million). The notes are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. The transaction was assessed by Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.

Bumper 5 was fully unwound in March 2015.

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