Bumper 8

The Bumper 8 transaction was completed in February 2017 whereby GBP 545 million of lease receivables and associated residual value receivables originated by LeasePlan UK Limited (the “originator”) were sold to Bumper 8 (UK) Finance plc, a bankruptcy remote special purpose company specifically incorporated for the purpose of securitisation transactions under the laws of England and Wales.

The debt securities issued in February 2017 are divided into A-notes (GBP 400 million), B-notes (GBP 25 million) and C-notes of (GBP 120 million). The notes are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange are the Class A and B Notes. Class A Notes were rated AAA (sf) by S&P, AAA (sf) by Fitch and AAA (sf) by DBRS. Class B Notes were rated AA (sf) by S&P, AA+ (sf) by Fitch and AA (high) by DBRS at closing.

The current rating of the Class A notes is AAA (sf) by S&P, AAA (sf) by Fitch and AAA (sf) by DBRS and of the Class B Notes AA (sf) by S&P, AA+ (sf) by Fitch and AA (high) by DBRS.

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